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Enable Unicode in your websites

How to enable unicode conversion in your web pages

How To Read & Write in Unicode

How to Enable Unicode Indic in Windows 2000?

You may need to have the Windows 2000 Installation CD for doing this.

  1. From Start Menu, Open Settings >> Control Panel
  2. In Control panel, Open "Regional Settings"
  3. In that, in Language Settings for the system, many language groups can be clicked. Search for "Indic" then Check this box near by "Indic". And press OK
  4. That's all... Now your Computer has unicode support into it.

How to Enable Unicode Indic in Windows XP?

Just follow the simple steps mentioned below.

  1. keep your XP installation CD at hand. (If you have misplaced yours, or if you have lost it, please get one from your friend, or relative, or someone you know.)
  2. Click Start > Control Panel.
  3. Click Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options.
  4. Now, click Regional and language Options.
  5. In the Supplemental Language support, Check the "Install files for Complex Script and right to left languages (including Thai) ", and then click Apply.
  6. If you hadn't yet inserted the Win XP installation CD into your CD-ROM drive, An alert will appear to ask you to insert the installation CD. Insert the CD and then click OK. After the installation, your system will restart for proper operation
  7. That's all... now your computer is enabled for Unicode Indic.

How to Enable Unicode Indic in Windows 98?

Win98 is not Unicode enabled.

Don't worry, still you can read unicode enabled websites or web mails (like yahoo groups).

You should have IE Version 5 or above.

When you find any website or web mail in Unicode, simply change encoding by selecting View >> Encoding >> Unicode (UTF-8) or right click and select Encoding >>Unicode (UTF-8).

How to Enable Unicode Indic in Linux?

Linux has Unicode support. Contact [email protected] group for more info.

Installing Unicode fonts (Optional)

Installing and using Unicode font is just like any other font. In Win2000 or WinXp, there won't be any problem as they have Unicode support.

You can download Unicode fonts from HERE.

Phonetic Unicode Converters

The online realtime phonetic unicode converters will convert the english content typed to the language of your choice (Tamil,Telugu,Malayalam,Kannada,Oriya,Gujarathi,Bengali and Hindi).

You can find these converters HERE.

Unicode enabled Emails using Outlook Express/Netscape Messenger/Thunderbird email clients

To read mails in Outlook express follow this: For reading:

  1. Tools >> Options >> Read >> Fonts.
  2. Select "Unicode" from 'font setting' list.
  3. Select any Unicode Fonts for proportional font and fixed font from font list.
  4. Make sure Unicode selection is set to UTF-8.
Simillarly you can write unicode emails by selecting any unicode enabled font while composing your email.

Thanks to: Ezil Nila.Com